Kishu Crate

Welcome to $KISHU Crate - our very own, personalized NFT platform where you earn points, and claim unique NFTs from different farms!

Kishu Farms

Choose your farm based on the type of NFT's you want to acquire, how much Wrapped Ethereum (WETH) you want to stake! Users acquire points by staking ETH, and leaving it staked for a certain period of time. Across all farms, users are able to earn to 10 points each day for each WETH staked - the more WETH you stake, the more points you earn.

Before you engage in any activities Kishu Crate offers, please read the T&C disclaimer carefully.

For a detailed breakdown on how the farms work, how many points you can earn per day, the maximum amount users are permitted to stake, and much more, please refer to our Guides & FAQ section.

More information on each farm below: